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Summary of R2 Ep1, Part A.

Summerized from the 9,000 posts in Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Spoiler Thread, Stage1029 to Stage1037, which are packed with discussion on the premiere.
Edited on Mar 23rd by listening to the sound file recorded in the premiere.

Part A

The show begins with a hand written (by the director Taniguchi) "Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2" title, like the one in Ep1.
The words are in light blue, and written vertically, as opposed to red and horizontally in season 1.

C.C. is in communication (not specified with whom) on the Zeppelin.
On the Zeppelin, in front of shredded Japan flag and Order of the Black Knights flag, Urabe gives a small speech to the OotBK members.
"We are the only ones left of those once led by Zero. But a light of hope remains, as long as this operation succeeds. For Japan!"
Everyone (about 6 or 7 people actually) answers, 'For Japan!"
After the toast, the OotBK heads for Tower of Babel.

In Ashford, Villetta is chasing Lelouch around, trying to get him for his remedy gym class.
Classmates are cheering for Lelouch, "run, vice president, run!"
He's cornered in the chemistry lab and jokingly asks Villetta to not be so strict. Villetta says, "Well, attend class like you're supposed to!" Lelouch makes a smoke bomb of of the chemicals and escapes.
At the staircase, Millay tosses him a croissant. Lelouch catches it, gives a quick thank, and keeps running. Villetta complains to Millay, "is the president of student council supposed to do this?!" Millay smiles, "sorry~~"

Villetta sees Lelouch, jumps off from the window, and tackles him.
Only to find the one she's sitting on is a grinning Rivalz with a black wig.
Rollo and Lelouch are already on Rivalz's bike saying thanks. Shirley watches them leave from the window, saying, "Lulu again?"

Opening song by Orange Range.
It's now "Turn 1" instead of "Stage 1".

Lelouch and Rollo are on their way to the casino. (That's the croissant sharing scene in
this trailer).
The brothers are being watched by both C.C. and the Britannia military.
Lelouch thinks about how Area 11 has recovered from the "Black Rebellion" incident, aka, the rebellion led by Zero 1 year ago. He even considered going back to homeland Britannia.
The new governor of Area 11, Carares, shows public execuation of Elevens on TV broadcast.
Lelouch sees the photo of Zero with Zero marked as dead, and comments, "Zero, foolish man. No matter how you struggle, the world will not change." (the line from Ep25 ending.)
A subordinate tells the captain (of the military unit that's keeping Lelouch under surveillance) that Governor Carares is off to meet the ambassador from China. The captain mumbles, "but today is the day for that operation. What is His Majesty thinking?", while looking at Lamperouge Brothers entering the tower.

In the underground parking lot of Tower of Babel, Lelouch tells Rollo it's okay to leave him here, asking Rollo to leave because it's illegal and might be dangerous. Rollo insists on tagging along.
Rollo asks why Lelouch is so eager in making money. Lelouch smiles and answers it's because he wants to meet strong opponents.
On their way up in the elevator, Lelouch looks anxious, saying to himself "that's not the real reason. Something is missing." Rollo is worried by Lelouch's looks.
Leaving the elevator, Lelouch and Rollo see the boxer brothers forced to fight each other, crying as they do so, in the colosseum.
Rollo feels uneasy and urges Lelouch to move to the next room. Lelouch criticizes about Britannia and the situation of Area 11. Rollo shows a rather complex expression, and urges Lelouch to leave again.

In casino. Kallen bumps into Lelouch and spills drink on him. She keeps apologizing and wipes his clothes. Lelouch comforts her and says it's okay. Kallen says, "no, because I'm an Eleven, and you're a Britannian student."
Lelouch asks, "but don't you hate this?" Kallen replies, "but those without power must tolerate. Even if justice is on our side." (The line from the end of Ep25.)
Lelouch doesn't like this though, saying, "don't press your opinion on me." Kallen apologizes again.
Actually Kallen is trying to slip a transmitter into his pocket, but the Black King grabs her before she succeeds. The Black King is doing "bunny hunting", taking bunnies home for... um... you know. (That's the 3 bunnygirls in chains we saw in Newtype scans.)
Kallen claims that she's not a merchandise. But Black King says, "you are. Losers has no rights." "Blame it to the fact that you're born without power. That' s what the Emperor His Majesty says. That's the rule of this world."
Lelouch is annoyed and challenges him for chess. Rollo tries to stop him (twice!) but in vein.

Tamaki gets beaten by the Britannian guards, and mumbles, "if only Zero-san is here..."
Chiba tells him to shut up and don't mention that traitor again.
Tamaki shouts, "he's no traitor!!" and gets beaten more.
Ougi sides with Zero, saying he must have a reason.
Chiba sneers, "running away from enemy in the decisive battle is no more then a traitor."
Toudo stops her, saying, "that's enough. Either way, Zero is dead."
Ougi repeats, "dead..." as if he still can't believe it.

Lelouch checkmated the Black King with his white queen. Everyone is surprised. The Black King is pissed and accused Lelouch of cheating. Kallen and Rollo protests there's no way to cheat in chess, but are ignored.
Two bodyguards grab Lelouch by his arms. The Black King sneers,
"Let me tell you one thing. In the world of grown-ups, doing the right thing doesn't worth a cent." (the line from Ep25 ending.)
Sounds like he's about to hit Lelouch. Rollo cries, "ni-san!"

OotBK raids just in time. People panicking. Kallen gives the bodyguards some good kicks.
Kallen tries to take Lelouch with her, pulling him away from Rollo. Lelouch is surprised.
Seeing their target is out, the Britannia unit also make its move toward the Tower of Babel.

------- eye catch -------

Part B
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