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Summaries of Turn 18 to 22 & mini interview

From this month's magazines published on August 10th. Updates:
Sept 2nd: TV Weekly summary.
August 23rd: NT interview.

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A. Episode summary of 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.
B. Other: character info, character info with interview, magazine spreads & special, CD information.

Turn 18- Tokyo Decisive Battle, The Second「第二次 トウキョウ 決戦」 , August 10th
From Newtype
Schenizel knows that Zero is Lelouch. Knowing danger is approaching Nunnally, Lelouch goes to her rescue. But Suzaku stands in his way.

From TV Fan
The overall confrontation of elites is further intensified because of Guren Seiten Hakkishiki's participitation. What will be the outcome of this desperate battle?

From CompAce
Alternative title: The Flash of Freya 「フレイヤ の 閃光」
Schenizel knows that Zero is Lelouch.
Having the United Federations of Nations backing them up, the Order of the Black Knights begins the decisive battle in Tokyo Settlement.

Keywords from newsletter
Being prepared to not shoot is also necessary.
-- by Suzaku, to Nina.

Turn 19- Betrayal 「裏切り」 , August 17th
From Animage & Animedia
In the battle in Area 11, both Britannia and the Black Knights suffered heavy casualties. As if to pierce through this confusion, a Britannian special envoy visits the Ikaruga. Who is this person that personally boards the enemy ship? The worst wedge is driven into the Order of the Black Knights now.

From CompAce
Alternative title: Betrayal and Brotherhood 「裏切り と 兄弟」
Large casualties in the battle of Tokyo Settlement.
As if to pierce through this confusion, a Britannia special envoy visits the Ikaruga. Who may this person be?

Keywords from newsletter
Because I'm broken since the beginning.
-- by Lloyd, to Nina.

Turn 20- Emperor Disqualification 「皇帝 失格」 , August 24th
From Animedia
Lelouch managed to escape from the predicament because of Rolo's power. However, there is only one road that he should tread. At a time like this, a big storm is about to occur in both Britannia Army and the Order of the Black Knights. The world is facing a new phase.
In addition, there's the advent of the Emperor at Kaminejima. What will Lelouch do then?

From CompAce
Alternative title: Emperor Assassination 「皇帝 暗殺」
Lelouch got out of a tight fix thanks to Rolo. However, there is only one road that he should tread... Is the world facing a new phase?

From Television Weekly
Lelouch, losing his position after being exiled by the Black Knights, heads toward Kaminejima to have his final showdown with the Emperor. In the mean time,
Schenizel declars that the Emperor is no longer qualified as a king, and orders Suzaku to assassinate the Emperor.

Keywords from newsletter
I want to know if you're still our ally.
- Marianne to C.C. in the World of C

Turn 21- Connection of Ragnarok 「ラグナレク の 接続」 , August 31th
From Newtype
Area 11 is in huge chaos. In Lancelot Albion, Suzaku challenges a fight. The gentleness before isn't there anymore. What is the woeful determination that made Suzaku fearless against any opponent?

From Animage
Area 11 falls into chaos. Suzaku is finally determined, and challenges the fight in the strongest nightmare, Lancelot Albion. The opponent is the most powerful. Does Suzaku stand a chance of winning?

From Animedia
Area 11 falls into chaos. "There is no turning back. No, I will not turn back." Suzaku made a tragic but brave decision, and challenges the fight in the strongest nightmare, Lancelot Albion. To win victory against the most powerful opponent, he fights.
Meanwhile, Lelouch is also...
In the world above human beings, the astonishing facts and truth are becoming clear.

From CompAce
The end justifies the means. The means justifies the end. With all sorts of thoughts in mind, Lelouch and Suzaku heads toward Kaminejima. There awaits the Empero and the astonishing facts and truth.

From Television Weekly
The Emperor reveals the true reason for banishing Lelouch and his intension of makeing a gentle world of no lies. Lelouch is about to reconcil with the Emperor. But after thinking over it he found that there's no future in the world the Emperor wants, and rebels.

Keywords from newsletter
The world removes and throws away the deceiving mask, and discloses the truth. 「世界は欺瞞という仮面を脱ぎ捨て、真実をさらけ出す」 -- by Charles

Turn 22- Emperor Lelouch 「皇帝 ルルーシュ」 , Sept 7th
From Newtype
Lelouch uses the balance between the forces that separates the world into two: UFN and Britannia.
The stage in his consideration is the place which was made into the neutral zone of the two countries, and a place of his memories.

From Animage
The world will be greatly transfigured as the two extreme powers, UFN and Britannia, clashes against each other. Is this inevitable?

From Animedia
The world starts undergoing a transfiguration. Is there no way to avoid the clashing of the two extreme powers, UFN and Britannia? Or...?
Fate of numerous men and women are changed, interwined, and together begin to spin a new story.
And then, Lelouch's battle finally reaches the climax.

From CompAce
Britannia Empire vs. SFN. Will the conflict continue in the world split between two extremities? Knowing the truth, Lelouch begins to walk on the path of thorns as the/a new Emperor.

From The Television Weekly *new
Emperor Lelouch appoints Suzaku the highest knight - Knight of Zero. Suzaku wipes out of the opposing powers. After stablizing Britannia, Lelouch declares Britannia joining the UFN, which surprises the world.

From TV Guide *new
The world undergoes great changes. The time for final showdown between Britannia and UFN draws near. The fates of Lelouch and many others also begin to move.

Keywords from newsletter
Is this an attempt to completely regenerate Britannia?


Turn 23- Schenizel's Mask 「シュナイゼル の 仮面」 , Sept 14th
Keywords from newsletter
Don't you understand what Schenizel has done?

(Note: The "you" here is "kimi".)

Turn 24- Sky of Damocles 「ダモクレス の 空」 , Sept 21st
Keywords from newsletter
Lelouch, you don't hate me? 「ルルーシュ、恨んでいないのか、私のことを」
(Note: The "me" here is "watashi". People who use "watashi" are: 1) every female; and 2) male who speaks in a formal way: Zero, Toudou, Diethard, Jeremiah, Schenizel, Bismarck, and Xingke. Gino use both "ore" & "watashi".)

Turn 22- 「Re:」 , Sept 28th

Characters & Settings
1. The Grausam Valkyrie Squad
[upper] The Grausam Valkyrie Squad that raid Area 11 with the Knight of Ten.

2. Rolo's Locket
[upper right] Gem color; relief sculpture style; same on both sides.
[lower right] Hold the top and click twice to make the musicbox play.
[lower center] Top: Click here once to open.
Center: Please don't show what's inside.
Note: Click once to play music. Click again to stop.
[left] Since it's a very thin chain, please draw it as a string.
When extended, it becomes a necklace.

There's a mini interview in Newtype. Ichirō Ōkouchi (story originator and head writer) and Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch's VA) talks about the girls in Code Geass. I think it's the first time Ōkouchi talks about the supporting characters.

3. C.C. - The Girl That Lived in Loneliness
Left page, starting from upper left corner:
The Wish Is "Death" (nothing new)
Contract With Lelouch (nothing new)
What's The Museum of Memories?
This is a museum that keeps and displays C.C.'s memories. It seems to be the World of C. When Lelouch is lost inside, he met the "C.C. in memories".
Another C.C.
In the World of C, Lelouch gets a peek at C.C.'s memories. Then another C.C. shows up. With no mark (Code) on her forehead, she is "C.C. in memories". She's a messenger that tells Lelouch about her past and ... (too blurry to make out)
Memories Lost
During the contact with the Emperor, C.C. become a mere human. At the same time, she lost all memory about Geass. And of course, about Lelouch.
Promise between brothers, 55 years ago
Older brother, V.V., and younger brother, Charles, made a promise to destroy this world of lies. After depriving V.V. of his Code, Charles vows to challenge the gods on his own. Then he robbed another Code from C.C.

Lower left corner is Hitomi Kuroishi's 1st album. The insert songs Innocent Days, Masquerade, Alone, and Stories will be in there.

The top of the right page is the chat between Ōkouchi & Fukuyama. Basically they avoided anything important/spoilerish.
Childhood Alone (describes her slave days)
Encountering the Sister Knowing C.C.'s desire to live, the sister binds a "Geass" contract with her.
Obtaining Geass (nothing new)
Days With Marianne
Before long, after gaining the immortal powers with the Code, C.C. shows up in Britannia. There she met her friend, also Lelouch's mother, the one who's known as Marianne the Flash. Before long, Marianne marries Emperor Charles.
Lower right is about the WORLD END single.

4. Kouzuki Kallen - The Warrior That Continues Believing in Zero.
From Terrorists To The Black Knights
Trusting in Zero? or Lelouch?
Live As A Japanese
Meeting Nunnally and Suzaku Again
Versus Knight of Rounds Luciano
Back in Battlefield!
(Above are all reviews. Allow me to skip it. XD)

Ōkouchi: Lelouch and Kallen's relationship changes after she knows Zero's identity.
Fukuyama: Well, honestly, to Lelouch, I don't think Kallen will become a love interest. *laughs* Kallen is the type that doesn't worry too much. She stands up and acts right away. When she needs an answer she asks away. I think she's a totally different type from Lelouch.
Ōkouchi: Well, Lelouch is the type that worries too much. *laughs* Kallen also has two roles, Stadtfeld of Britannia and Kozuki of Japan, which she played separately in an awkward way. While Lelouch is using lies to play the role of Zero and a student separately, she's not lying in either of them.
Fukuyama: Like what Kallen said in season 1, "this character setting is so wrong for me!" (in Stage 3) *laughs*

Note: Don't jump to conclusions. ;) A VA's opinion doesn't affect the story's direction. Kallen's VA also picks on Zero/Fukuyama a lot off-screen. (Ōkouchi, however, is the storywriter. His opinions do matter. And it looks like he's gonna say something before getting shot down. XD)

5. Kaguya Sumeragi - Zero's Wife and the Pillar of Japan.
Becoming Zero's Wife
Kaguya Sumeragi, one of the Kyoto 6, is a fan of Zero and claims herself to be Zero's newly wed wife.
Interaction With Tianzi
Tianzi, the leader of China, is actually a lonely girl. Also called "merely a figurehead" and isolated by the Kyoto 6 in the past, Kaguya understands Tianzi became Tianzi's first friend. "It's not a political problem, it's a matter of love!" Kaguya supports the love between Tianzi and Xingke. Their will moves the world.
Three Court Ladies in The Black Knights
"The saying goes that heroes like their women." Kaguya is being generous to Zero's secret love affairs. *laugh* Mistaken C.C. and Kallen as Zero's lovers, she joined hands with them.
Waiting and Believing In Zero's Victory
Zero is making unexpected moves. But no matter what he does, Kaguya believes him. With her charisma, she becomes Black Knight's symbol when Zero is absent.

Supporting the Black Knights as Zero's wife and leader of Japan, hidden under her pure smile, is her deep and passionate love for Japan.
Fukuyama: I think she's the only person who won't be shaken by the fact that Zero is Lelouch. She's like "as long as Japan can be taken back, him being a Britannian prince is also okay". She is the type that makes judgements based on the essence.
Ōkouchi: She is also a person tied down by her position. Therefore I think she can understand the reason why Lelouch has to live under all kinds of masks.
Fukuyama: She's the generous type of woman that can tolerate lies, right?

6. Rakshata Chawla: The scientist that watches over Zero.
Unclear Past
The Hindu researcher Rakshata's past is surrounded by mysteries. What we know is she was classmates with the Britannian official Lloyd. They were already rivals back then, and now the competition intensifies.

Ōkouchi: Her stance is never blurred. She's a grown-up who can draw a clear line between what's important to her and what's not. (彼女はスタンスが、まったくブレていないひとで、自分にとって大事なものと必要でないものをしっかり線引 きできる大人なんです。) Therefore, knowing Zero's true identity doesn't change her stance. She's a person that can accept him.
Fukuyama: Even though the Black Knights are said to be "allies of justice", she makes mechs by her own way. A Knightmare with huge claws looks totally like an ally of evil. *laughs*
Ōkouchi: Rakshata started out as a researcher in medical cybernetics. Her goal is different from Lloyd, who is merely in love with mechs.
Fukuyama: Seems like she can handle Jeremiah's maintenance as well. *laughs*

Magazine spreads and specials
1. Newtype

Favorite Male Character Top 10
  #1. Lelouch Lamperouge (was #1 last month)
  #9. Jeremiah Gottwald (was #10 last month)
Favorite Female Character Top 10
  #1. C.C. (was #1 last month)
  #2. Kallen (was #3 last month)
  #5. Shirley (new in rank)
  #10. Anya (new in rank)

Promotional offer for Lelouch & Xingke chibi Voice dolls. Purchase form must be mailed before Sept 9th. (Suzaku & Gino set is on Newtype Romance. Purchase form must be mailed before Aug 18th.)

2. Animage

3. Animedia

The theme this month is the magic number "3":

Lelouch's 3 Troublesome Family Members
1. Pitiable Brother - Rolo.
2. Immortal Dad - Emperor.
He became immortal after robbing the Codes from V.V. and C.C. Now all he cares about is "the World of C", and lets Schenizel take care of everything in "this world" for him.
3. Mysterious Mom - Marianne.
When C.C. is talking to herself, she seems to be talking to Marianne, although we don't see her. Why is there an another person there?
The mysterious behaviors of the Emperor and the relationship with Marianne are related to the "World of C". A must-see in Turn 21 is about Marianne's assassination. As for Rolo, he's at a big turning point in Turn 19. Lelouch's family is going to have a hard time! (by a member of Sunrise, Code Geass team)

3 worlds with a dim future
1. Tokyo Settlement Targeted. (nothing new)
2. Black Knights Targeted By Schenizel.
The Order of the Black Knights became the center of UFN's forces. Schenizel is trying to knock in a wedge into it. With Kallen captured, the relationship between Ougi and Villetta, and Toudou and Diethard not reaching consensus, holding such a big organization together seems to be really hard. (Turn19)
3. Britannia Targeted by "Emperor".
The Emperor mentioned "slaying the god(s)". And he cares about nothing other than the "World of C" now. What is he planning? That's something even V.V. didn't know.

Multiple of 3: The 99th Emperor Ascends?
Charles is the 98th Emperor of Britannia. He's given a strong image of dictator. But all he care about is Geass and the World of C, and turns a blind eye to business in his own country. The Emperor missing will bring problems in court. It's not surprising for succession problems to surface. The next Emperor will be multiple of 3, the 99th! Will it be the first one in succession, Odyssus? Or the greedy first princess Guinevere? Or the one who has the real ability, Schenizel? However, General Bartley told Cornelia that "His Majesty is trying to destroy the world". Considering that, maybe there won't be a 99th Emperor.
Order of succession: #1 is Odyssus, and #2 is Guinevere. Schenizel is #3?

Name, age, birthday, horoscope, blood type, and close person/rival:

Order of the Black Knights
Lelouch vi Britannia(18) 12/5 Sagittarius A
C.C.(16)         Unknown
Kallen Kouzuki(18)    3/29 Aries B
Rolo Lamperouge(16)   10/25(?) Scorpio(?) A
(Note: his birthday is unknown. Since Lelouch celebrated it on 10/25, I guess he's keeping it.)
Jeremiah Gottwald(29)  8/2 Leo A
Sayoko Shinozaki(25)  11/9 Scorpio O
Kaguya Sumeragi(15)  8/10 Leo B
Kaname Ohgi(27)    3/18 Pisces O
Shinichiro Tamaki(25)  3/3 Pisces A
Diethard Ried(32)    2/16 Aquarius AB
Rakshata Chawla(29)  11/17 Scorpio B
Kyoshiro Tohdoh(38)  1/3 Capricorn A
Nagisa Chiba(30)    9/1 Virgo O
Li Xingke(24)      12/31 Capricorn  A
Jiang Lihua (蒋麗華, チェン・リーファ), aka Tianzi(13) 1/28 Aquarius O

Knight of Rounds and Britannia Army
Suzaku Kururugi(18) 7/10 Cancer O
Gino Weinberg (17)  11/27 Sagittarius B
Anya Alstreim(15)  10/26 Scorpio AB
Bismarck Waldstein(unknown) 12/23 Sagittarius A
Luciano Brandli(unknown)   4/19 Aries AB
Lloyd Asplund(30)   2/2 Aquarius AB
Cecil Croomy(25)   9/7 Virgo O
Gilbert G.P. Guilford(28)10/19 Libra A
Kannon Maldini(28)  6/1 Gemini O
Nina Einstein (18)   8/27 Virgo A

Britannia Royal Family
Charles zi Britannia(63)      8/4 Leo A
Schenizel el Britannia(28)    2/14 Aquarius AB
Cornelia li Britannia(28)     1/13 Capricorn O
Euphemia li Britannia(16 when died) 10/11 Libra B 
Nunnally vi Britannia(15)     10/25 Scorpio AB
Marianne vi Britannia(30 when died) 11/22 Sagittarius B
V.V.(63)             8/4 Leo A

Ashford Academy
Milly Ashford(19)        7/24 Leo O
Shirley Fenette(18 when died) 7/8 Cancer A
Rivalz Cardemonde (18)     7/20 Cancer AB
Villetta Nu (27)         6/1 Gemini B

Note: Coincidence?
Nunnally vi Britannia(15) 10/25 Scorpio AB
Anya Alstreim(15)   10/26 Scorpio AB

4. Roman Album (mook from Animage)
The scribble in the sketch reads: (mouse over for spoiler about Schenizel)
 "By the way, this fellow is the final boss. Thanks in advance."

CD Information

1. 8/27 Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 O.S.T.
   Cover art: Takahiro Kimura & RICCA
 1 The Knight  
 2 Sensibility  
 3 Madder Sky  
 4 Beautiful Emperor  
 5 Deeply Fast
 6 Crooked Diaries  
 7 Memory of 0  
 8 Across the Borderline  
 9 World Depression
 10 Super Natural  
 11 Love is Justice  
 12 Death Work  
 13 Lullaby of M  
 14 If I were a Bird
 15 What am I?  
 16 Concealment  
 17 Area11  
 18 World Depression  
 19 All-out Attacks
 20 Prodigy  
 21 The Master  
 22 Siegfried  
 23 Grand Freet  
 24 わが﨟たし悪の華[TV ver.] by ALI PROJECT
 Tracks 1, 3~6, 15~23 are composed by Kōtarō Nakagawa (中川幸太郎)
 Tracks 2, 7~14 are composed by Hitomi Kuroishi (黒石ひとみ)
 Tracks 2 and 13 are written by Hitomi Kuroishi, sung by Hitomi

2. 9/24 Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 O.S.T. 2

3. 9/3 Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Sound Episode 3 
    Cover art: Takahiro Kimura & RICCA
 1. Character Song: REGENERATION (Lelouch)
 2. Rebellion Academy - Mr. Geass 「反逆学園 ギアス先生!」
 3. 100 Geass Ghost Tales 「ギアス 百物語」
 4. Character Song: REGENERATION [instrumental]

4. 10/1 Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Sound Episode 4
 1. Character Song: (unknown)
 2. Part-time Jobs That Lelouch Can't Do 「ルルーシュのいけないアルバイト」
 3. Lloyd & Cecil's "Welcome, Mr. Knightmare!" 「ロイドとセシルのナイトメアさんいらっしゃい!」
 4. Character Song: (unknown) [instrumental]
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