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Korean blog "spoilers(?)"

As per request.

Oh and by the way, this blog was closed down and had every word about Code Geass deleted. This isn't a milkcow for fresh spoilers. It's DEAD. Nothing new will come out of it.
Any so-called "new spoilers from Korean blog" are BS. It's simple - if it's true, then it'll have a better source than sucking a dead cow. ;)

*note* As per request. Not guaranteed to come true. These seems to be made by guessing from the storyboard. Guessing = will be errors. When something doesn't add up, complaining to me wouldn't help. I'm not the person who made this up. ;p

*note#2* This batch keeps saying nuke this and nuke that. However, from what we saw in Turn 15, and from Shiratori's blog, it doesn't really seem like nuke.

*note#3* After seeing Turn 19, I guess these spoilers doesn't reach as far as expected. ;p

Korean blog stuff


☆ Lelouch, who tries to return to humanity from his path as a demon king, loses his precious things because of it.
1. "Lover": Shirley
2. Partner: C.C.
3. Sister: Nunnally
4. "Rag": Rolo
5. Believer: Diethard
6. Organization: OotBK
7. Friend: Suzaku
8. Identity: Zero

☆ Cornelia is captured at the Geass Cult by lelouch, but escapes to Schneizel.

☆ Ougi meets up with Viletta during the Union of Nations's takeback of Japan, and begins to doubt Zero.

☆ Before Ougi betrays the Order, Diethard takes Viletta hostage and threatens Ougi to continue his job as a vice commandor. This is because Ougi is able to hold all these members of different characteristics together.

☆ The Union of Nations is made up of Chinese Federation and the remains of EU. The commandor is Xingke.

☆ In sasongugomu (no idea what this is), Asahina died in the nuke attack. His last words become the keywords that made the OotBK's betray Zero.

☆ The Knights find out that Zero was a Britannian prince and think he was using them as playthings. Ougi leads the mutiny to kill Zero.

☆ C.C. loses her memory as C.C., and becomes an ordinary girl.

☆ Suzaku gets to know that Lelouch got his memories back. He confronts Lelouch, and
when Lelocuh confesses that he is the reborn Zero, Schneizel, who had someone follow Suzaku, sends in forces to arrest Lelouch.

☆ The contents of Lelouch and Suzaku's conversation are recorded, including his Geass that can command people. This becomes an important factor that led to the OotBK's betrayal.

☆ Believing Suzaku had tricked him, Lelouch decides to go the path of the demon king.

☆ Nina had put her nuke on Lancelot, thinking it as a "stronger" bomb. When Suzaku uses it during his fight with Lelouch, it blew up Tokyo, killing nearly 10 million people.

☆ Nunnally's survival is unknown. Ashford, being in the outskirts of Tokyo, remains intact.

☆ The emperor wants to connect ruins in all parts of the world to Ragnarok. To destroy the old world through this, and create the new world.

☆ Kallen escapes in the new Guren. In the end she weren't able to stop Lelouch and Suzaku's quarrel. Kallen stands in the crossroads of selection, can't decide whether to betray Zero with all other Black Knights or not. A lie from Lelouch hurts her feelings and she decides to leave him. However, when she's thinking about leaving, Lelouch's last line become the key to express his true feelings to Kallen.

☆ The weakness of Rolo's geass is, it strains his heart. When all of the Black Knights betrayed, he is the only one striving to lead Lelouch to the Shinkirou. Britannia army and OotBK joined hands in the pursue. To stop them, Rolo overuses his geass and dies.

☆ Guilford ends up taking Orange's path.

☆ Schneizel, who had been collecting info on the Geass, plots against Charles.

☆ The OotBK requests to liberate Japan in return for turning over Lelouch.

☆ Diethard forsakes Lelouch too ("your broadcast ends here"). Tamaki also betrayed. The only one that's not showing intension to betray is Kallen.

☆ Ougi betrays Lelouch twice. First time it's right after meeting Viletta, but Diethard stops him. The second time is after Schenizel exposing Lelouch's identity, and even Diethard is in doubt, so there's no one to stop him.

☆ Lelouch feels responsible for C.C.'s losing memories. He wears a ring on the ring finger of C.C.'s left hand, and say, "please stay with me". C.C. calls him master (or husband? not sure) and does not leave him.

☆ The reborn Jeremiah joins Lelouch with a godly mech. And becomes his personal guard.


☆ Gareth: the prototype for Gawain's mass production. (Like Vincent to Lancelot.) Without Rakshata's technology, the hydron cannon can't function, and is replaced by hydron machine gun. Slash harkens in the form of magic hands. The origin of its name is one of Gawain's younger brothers. Also has rabbit ears. The survivals of the Galston Knights will be riding these.

☆ Percival: Knight of Ten's KMF. Hadron machine gun and drill.

☆ Galahad: Knight of One's KMF. Twice the size of a regular KMF, uses a large sword (Excalibur) which is said to be the most powerful in both defense and offense.

☆ Freya (or Prayer?): Nina's nukes. A few prototypes are made; Lancelot is equipped with one.

☆ Great Britannia: Wakamoto's new flying ship. Made based on Avalon.

☆ Guren with long name: Lloyd modified the captured Guren Aerial Form into this, with his original technology. Combining the intelligence of Rakshata and Lloyd, this is the most powerful KMF in history. It's totally different from previous Gurans. You can feel Lloyd's weird taste from it.

☆ Sutherland Sieg: Enhanced and modified from the Knight Giga Fortress- Siegfried. Feels like the Dendrobium in Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, with powerful weapons hidden inside. It's even larger than Galahad. The pilot is new Jeremiah. The color of its booster is also orange, like Siegfried. Maybe it's this one.

Other stuff that tries to tag along, but isn't really from the source above. In other words, totally baseless.

Batch #1
faked by ◆Qhj.v4lBCg

Suzaku tries to use the Refrain on Karen, but didn't suceed.
They fight a bit and he ends up getting stabbed in the leg with it and gets flashbacks to when Euphie was alive (apparently Sakurai's voice acting is particularly worthy of mention at this part)
Kallen escapes with new Guren. Gino chasing after her. Gino is furious because Suzaku is in confusion, and yells at Kallen, "what have you done to Suzaku!"
The Korean blog saying OotBK will betray is true. However, not everyone will betray.
The bomb is used, but not the term "nuke".

This is the most gay-ish "spoiler" I've ever seen. I can't believe someone actually believed this, translated it, and dumped it on /a/. XD

Batch #2
The one who posted this is not even trying to pass this as a fake spoiler. It's amazing how some people don't have the least idea about 2ch and think 2ch is an official announcement board or something.

-Anya is Lelouch's real sister
-Nunally is an abandoned Geass experiment that was adopted by Marianne
-Her had fake memories implanted by the Emperor using his Geass power
-Nunally's real brother is Rolo
-Rolo knows the truth and went into the battlefield solo during the battle of tokyo because he had to save Nunally
-Lelouch and Nunally are believed to have been killed during the nuclear bomb attack
-Cornelia joins Lelouch after he says he will extinguish Geass from this world
-At that time, Lelouch will destroy his own left eye
-The Order of the Black Knights will revolt against Lelouch after they find out that he is the son of the Emperor
-The order of the Black Knights decide that they no longer require Zero since they have joined the China/EU alliance
-Those who stay on Lelouch's side are CC, Cornelia, Orange, Sayoko, Villetta
-Kallen decides to leave after hearing Lelouch say that "I was the one who killed Shirley"
-Schneizel receives the Power of the Gods and will start conquering the world
-Gilford will take the Knight of Rounds and bring them under Cornelia's command

Batch #3
The idioticy which claims 26 episodes for R2 and the last episode is a 1hr special.


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