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Interviews & Summaries of Turn 14 to 18

Episode summaries & info from this month's magazines.
Updates on July 21th: official website update & comments from Lloyd's VA.

General info:
Progress report by the story originator and main writer, Ichirō Ōkouchi.
I've finished the script for Code Geass! Finished!
It's not "to be continued", nor "end of this season". It's over, finished, the end.
Starting from the planning of this anime, it's been 5 full years. Although I've been having planty of jobs, this has been the longest one for me.
My computer fell silent when I was writing the last episode. I had to try to recover it while making the final check on the last episode. It's quite a handfull.
But the work in studio isn't done yet. And my job isn't completely finished either.
Laughter or tears, the ending is only 4 months away. As for the production staff, who will see the ending in a few weeks, I wish for them to join me in the joy of seeing the end of Code Geass soon.

It's also mentioned in the DVD introduction page. Ōkouchi said "now I can chat in leisure since I've already finished the script."

Jump to...
A. Episode summary of 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.
B. Other: mech & character info, magazine spreads & special, Newtype Romance interview, Lloyd's VA's blog

Turn 14- Geass Hunt 「ギアス 狩り」, July 13th
From The Television Weekly
In response to Rolo's killing Shirley, Lelouch decided to destroy the Cult. When he leads his troops in attacking the headquarters of the Cult, he plans on sicking Rolo at V.V. to exterminate geass users.

From Animedia
Shirley, whose fate was twisted by Geass, died because of Geass. In grief of her death, Lelouch decides to annihilate the indirect cause, the organization which studys Geass- The Geass Cult.
With the information from Rolo and Jeremiah, he found out the Cult's headquarter and charges with the Black Knights. The person waiting inside is the young leader of the Cult, who has immortal powers same as C.C., and is the older brother of the Emperor of Britannia, V.V.
(TV Pia, TV station, Animage, Newtype are about the same or less than this version.)

Keywords from newsletter
That's what I think. Isn't brotherhood the most beautiful relationship in this world? 「僕は思うんだ。兄弟って、この世界でもっとも美しい関係なんじゃないかって」 -by V.V., to Cornelia

Turn 15- The World Of C「C の 世界」 , July 20th
From Newtype
In the middle of the battle with V.V., Lelouch is transferred to the mysterious World of C. He has to fight with the enemy who has powers unimaginable. When Lelouch is in a desperate situation, the one who shows up before him is...

From Animedia
During the battle with V.V., Lelouch stepped into the mysterious space, the World Of C. There he face the most powerful final enemy. As Lelouch falls into despire in front of the enemy who has gained unimaginably great powers, a person shows up in front of him. And then, the secret of Geass will be revealed.

From The Television Weekly
During the battle with the Cult, Lelouch is sent to the mysterious place with Jupiter overhead. There stood the father who had abandoned them- Britannia Emperor. Is it time for conclusion for this destined father and son confrontation?
In response to Lelouch's questioning about the truth of Marianne's death, the Emperor plays innocent and replys, "use your own geass to find out".
His opponent is no other person than the most powerful emperor in history. Lelouch, regardless of the appearance, challenges an erasure.

Keywords from newsletter
I undertake the destiny.「さだめは、僕が引き受けるよ」 -by V.V., to C.C.

Turn 16- United Federations of Nations, Resolution No.1「超合集国決議第壱號」, July 27th
From Newtype
The plan for founding a United Federations of Nations to stand against Britannia is realized by uniting 47 countries together, centered on the United States of Japan and the United States of China. As a result, the world is divided into two: Britannia and the United Federations of Nations. The world situation comes to a new phase.

From Animedia
The plan of United Federations of Nations is realized. 47 countries ratified this, centered on the United States of Japan and the United States of China. Therefore, the world faces a new phase through totally weakening EU and dividing the world into two: Britannia and the United Federations of Nations. And the first resolution made in the highest council is...

From CompAce
Earlier version title: The Night Before The Decisive Battle 「決戦 前夜」
Lelouch, who just returned from the predicament alive, declared the United Federations of Nations to the world. And to regain Japan, declared war against Britannia.

Keywords from newsletter
I'm prepared to pay the consequences for messing with the Knight of Rounds. 「ナイトオブラウンズに手を出したんだから覚悟はしてる」 -by Kallen, after beating up Suzaku

Turn 17- The Taste of Earth「土 の 味」 , August 3rd
From Animedia
Area 11 turned into a battlefield again. The battle between the Black Knights and the strongest force of Britannia army is about to begin on this land. At this time, however, Lelouch visits Kururugi Shrine by himself. His purpose is the thought that "right now, the only one who can save Nunnally is Suzaku". Lelouch and Suzaku meet again in the place of their memories.

From CompAce
Immediately before the beginning of the war, Lelouch and Suzaku meets each other at the place of memories, with different thoughts in mind. In the mean time, a plot is approaching under the shadows...

Keywords from newsletter
Aren't you the man who bring miracles? Zero! 「君は奇跡を起こす男、ゼロなんだろう!」 -by Suzaku

Turn 18- Tokyo Decisive Battle, The Second「第二次 トウキョウ 決戦」, August 10th
From TV Fan *new
The overall confrontation of elites is further intensified because of Guren Seiten Hakkishiki's participitation. What will be the outcome of this desperate battle?

From CompAce *new
Previous version title: The Flash of Freya 「フレイヤ の 閃光」
Schenizel knows that Zero is Lelouch.
Having the United Federations of Nations backing them up, the Order of the Black Knights begins the decisive battle in Tokyo Settlement.

Keywords from newsletter
Being prepared to not shoot is also necessary.「撃たない覚悟も必要なんだ」

Mech & Characters

1. From Hobby Japan *new

Detailed design for Galahad, Percival, and Gareth

Galahad- Giant KMF of the Knight Of One, Bismark. It weilds the sword Excalibur, named by the Emperor himself. The scabbard is movable when unsheathing the sword.
Percival- KMF of the Knight Of Ten. Its excessive amount of weapons and sharp edges fits the image of the "Vampire of Britannia", Luciano.
Gareth- This is the mass production type of Gawain, which sank with C.C. & Jermiah in the first season. Color scheme unknown. The Fact Sphere at its face is the same as Sutherland's and Gloucester's.

Lancelot Albion, new Guren, and Ward Air.

2. From official website

At the end of his experiments, he's attached with the geass canceler, and sent by the Cult as an assassin. However, his true purpose for this voyage is to make sure if Lelouch is fighting for his late mother, Marianne. After confirming Lelouch's true intention, he acknowledges Lelouch as his lord, and becomes Lelouch's subject to accomplish his loyalty to Marianne, which he failed to carry out eight years ago.

She regained her memory because of Jeremiah's geass canceler. At the end of her puzzlement and hesitation, she carried on with her unshaken love towards Lelouch. But it brought enmity upon her and resulted in her being killed.
Her only comfort is that she finally expressed her everlasting feelings to Lelouch.

V.V. *new
He's a mysterious boy who conducts the power of geass and immortality, same as C.C.
He is actually the Britannia Emperor's twin older brother, and has something to do with C.C. and deceased Marianne. After C.C. fled, he became the leader of the Geass Cult, and proceeded with the god-killing plan with the Emperor.
He was wounded in the battle with Lelouch. Afterwards, when he contacted the emperor, he somehow lost his immortality and died.

C.C. *new
She's a mysterious girl who conducts the power of geass. Her true identity is a slave girl saved by the predecessor C.C, the sister who gave her geass powers long ago. In addition, she inhirited the immortality forcibly.
To save Lelouch from battling the Emperor, and also to fulfill her own wish "to die", she showed herself in the twilight shrine. However, she changed her mind because of Lelouch's words. When they escape form that space, she lost her immortaility and her memory as "C.C".

3. From Newtype & Animage

Marianne, Charles, C.C., and V.V.
21 years ago, C.C. was a dear friend to Marianne. Back then, V.V. also stayed in Aries Villa, the villa Marianne lived in. These 4 knew each other. The contract between Charles and V.V. (about killing gods) also took place 21 years ago.

C.C. was the former leader of the Cult, and V.V. is her successor. These two youngsters had touched the truth of Geass, becoming ageless and undying, and knowing everything. What lies in front of their paths?
Photobucket Photobucket

Young C.C.
(upper left) Memories. The ageless and undying witch also had a childhood. She was once human. Why did she obtain the power of Geass and become ageless and undying? What is her real wish? Will this secret be revealed?
(lower right) Past. She was once a chained child slave. What lies in her past?
(lower left) Girl. After her slave days are over, she lives as an ordinary girl. Of course she has a real name back then.

Although Lelouch promised to save her, her life is in Britannia's hands. The meeting with Nunnally and suzaku will challenge her determination.

Magazine spreads and special
(Spreads by courtesy of Isegrim of Animesuki.)

1. Newtype
The special section in Newtype this month is Q&A from the VAs. Very much fun to read but ain't very useful in terms of providing information because the VAs don't really know (and have no effect on) where the show is heading.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The black & gold Lancelot is Newtype's promotional offer- Lancelot, Zero Image Color Version. It's just making use of the already existing Lancelot model. You know, with the cast already there, changing the color is much less costly than to make a brand new model. XD It has abslutely nothing to do with the anime whatsoever. If they're doing re-coloring, why not make a Lancelot Club (from Lost Colors)?

There will be a promotional offer in next month's Newtype- a special edition of Chibi Voice Lelouch and Xingke. Why can't they show a pic in this issue? >w<

2. Animage
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

3. Animedia
The theme this month is match-making. So they're analysing every character's stats. Again, fun to read but nothing new. XD
Photobucket Photobucket

4. Newtype Romance
Poem(?) on this apread:
Brothers that can't be separated (brothers)
Mysterious brother (the younger one)
Brother deeply bond with Geass (the older one)
The relation between these two is destiny
The secret is just between them, unknown to others
Even if they stand against the world
This power will not be shaken
That's the world end
Just the two of them

About Rolo: He once was an assassin from the Cult, sent by V.V. to act as Lelouch's younger brother. But his feelings toward Lelouch is starting to be "more than just an elder brother".

Personally, I take words from the editor of Newtype Romance with a grain of salt... And the salt is probably pink with girl's fantasies.

The promotional offer in this month's Newtype Romance is a special edition of Chibi Voice - Gino and Suzaku.

Interview with the VAs of Xingke, Gino, and Ougi

Question: What are your impressions of your own characters?

Midorikawa (Xingke's VA): Xingke is fully devoted into fighting for Tianzi. It's pure and flawless. His subordinates, Xianglin and Hongu are comarades who share this feeling with him. I want to know more about their past.

Hoshi (Gino's VA): Although Gino became good friends with Suzaku, he doesn't touch the sticky part of Suzaku's character. That's probably Gino's style.

Madono (Ougi's VA): Ougi and Chigusa's reunion brings a serious situation upon them. Last time he was shot by a gun, this time again... I was thinking, why is fate so cruel to him? So I asked director Taniguchi. And he replied, it's because our impression of Ougi is "love at the Showa Era."
("Love at the Showa Era"- traditional, sad yet romantic... methinks.)

Personal comment: Madono stood up for his character! What a nice fellow.

Question: What's the future like in your minds?

Midorikawa (Xingke's VA): Xingke is going to die sooner or later. I hope he doesn't die in a battle, but by Tianzi's side. Is this like a girl's way of thinking? (laughs) I'm a peace lover, and would avoid battle if possible. But Code Geass is Taniguchi's production. You never now. Maybe Xingke is the survival in the couple. You just can't let your guard down until the last minute.

Madono (Ougi's VA): I'm anxious to see if Ougi's love ends in "昭和枯れすすき (Showa Era Withering Grass, a top hit song about tragic love)" style. Well, a happy ending seems too hard to meet. If only Chigusa can play the role as a wife, and support Ougi through his hardships in the Ootbk...

Hoshi (Gino's VA): I'm anxious to see how Gino plays an active role in the future, and the ending of Code Geass. It's heading toward a climax, and it's time for everything to unfold. Since it's Taniguchi's production, the ending will definitely be splandid. Please look forward to it!

Shiratori (Lloyd's VA) talks about a "new weapon" in his blog *new
June 19th
When recording a certain anime a few days ago, I heard about an upcoming horrifying weapon from the director Taniguchi. It's said to be a weapon that can eliminate space from an atomic level. Of course it's anime, and such weapon doesn't exist IRL, but what would happen if there really were such a weapon? It gives me chills just to think about it. Nowadays, people die so simply in virtual space like video games. However, to actually die completely eliminated from the atomic level is a terribly horrifying thing.

After recording, everyone dine out together. When eating hamburgers, I realized I have cows killed to feed me.

Note: This was thought to be talking about the Sword of Akasha. Now it looks like Nina's bomb.
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