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Lost Colors guide- Britannia Chapter #1

There are 3 routes for this chapter: Special Dispatch, Royal Guards, and Purists.
This mini guide gives the common part and Special Dispatch route.
For your first time in this chapter, it's Special Dispatch route by default. After finishing the SD route, save the complete file, and start another game with the complete file. It'll open the option to Royal Guards route.
(Note: if you save a complete file on memory slot #5, and start/continue a save file on slot #4, the Royal Guards route will not show up.)
After finishing the second time round, do the same and it'll open the Purist route.

The Common Part

How to enter
Talk to Suzaku whenever possible during the first five days. If Suzaku isn't on the map, talk to Lloyd. Avoid C.C., Millay, Kallen, and especially the shadow in the streets. that's C.C., and she will easily drag you into the Geass Chapter if you trigger this event.
When they ask you to join, choose △特派に所屬する (join Special Dispatch) to enter this chapter.

Suzaku introduces Rai into the Special Dispatch. Lloyd is pleased because Rai's results in simulation almost parallels to Suzaku's.
As for Rai's identity secret in this chapter...
They had health examinations on Rai, and found that he's half Britannian and half Eleven. And on top of that, that's Britannian royal blood in his veins. Segregation of Numbers is strict. If words leak about some Britannian royalty having affairs with an Eleven, it'll be a huge scandal and may result in Rai being silenced. So Lloyd and Cecil promised to keep this secret for him.

Choices in important battles
1. Mimic battle with Cornelia and Nonnette
 O 様子を見る (see what happens)
→ X スザクを援護する (cover Suzaku's back)
→ △ 受けてたつ (take this blow)
→ 口 隙だらけ方 (seize the chance)
→ X スザクと共闘 (cooperate with Suzaku)

2. Live shooting mimic battle #1
 Press △ all the way.

3. Live shooting mimic battle #2
 X 回避に専念する (concentrate on evasion)
→ △ スタントンファ (attack with Stun Tonfa)
→ X 様子を見る (see what happens)
→ △ 回避しつつ攻める (attack while evading)
→ X 様子を見る (see what happens)
→ X 回避に専念する (concentrate on evasion)
→ △ スタントンファ (attack with Stun Tonfa)
→ X 様子を見る (see what happens)
→ △ 回避しつつ攻める (attack while evading)

4. Narita
 △ スザクに任せる (leave it to Suzaku)
→O 短氣そうな機體を狙う (attack the impatient one)
→O 短氣そうな機體を狙う (Judging from the voice here, bye-bye Tamaki! XD)
→X 慎重そうな機體を狙う (attack the careful one)
→X 慎重そうな機體を狙う (attack the careful one)
→X 様子を見る (see what happens)

Special Dispatch Route

How to enter
1. 1st time playing: enters by default.
2. 2nd time playing: choose △ ふたりでここを死守する (stay and protect her) after finding Cornelia in Narita. If you already chose the other one, that's okay. Just choose X特派に残ります (stay in Special Dispatch) when Cornelia offers to promote you to her royal guard.
3. 3rd time playing (and beyond): choose X命令通り、待機継続 (stand-by as ordered) in head trailer in Narita. If you choose the other option to help the Purists, do the same as 2nd time afterwards.

Special Dispatch route basically follows the anime, with more interaction with the military people. Rai questions Suzaku's way of thinking a few times, and so do Lloyd and Cecil. But Suzaku is stubborn anyways and doesn't even bother to argue.

In the ceremony for SAZ, Rai found that Euphie is under geass on her way out, and tries to stop her. She shoots him and leaves. Rai shouts, "I'm half Japanese!" and makes her come back to finish him off.
He tries to geass Euphie "don't kill anybody" but geass won't activate.
After being shot by Euphie 3 more times, in arm, leg, and even chest, Rai's geass of "return to your true self!" finally activates.
Euphie drops the gun, collapses to the floor, and sits there clueless.
Rai murmurs, "I leave everything to you, Suzaku." and faints.

Choices in important battles
5. Tokyo Port battle
 〇 無頼を片付ける! (finish off the Burai!)
→X もう一騎! (Take out another one!)
→〇 スザクに援護を頼む (Ask Suzkau to back me up)
→△ 紅いのヤツを狙う! (Aim for the red one!)
→口 ゼロを狙う! (Aim for Zero!)
→  either will do
→△ 可変式ライフルを撃てを狙う! (Attack with assult rifle!)
→口 ゼロを狙う! (Aim for Zero!)
→  either will do
→△ 可変式ライフルを撃てを狙う! (Attack with assult rifle!)

6. Fukuoka Base battle
 △ 敵を倒す (take down the enemy)
→△ スザクと合流する (try to join Suzaku)
→△ シールドを展開する (open shield)
→△ 敵を倒す (take down the enemy)
→△ スザクと合流する (try to join Suzaku)
→X 攻撃 (attack)
→△ 敵を倒す (take down the enemy)
→△ スザクと合流する (try to join Suzaku)
→X スザクと合流する (try to join Suzaku)
(Note: Rai is trying to join Suzaku because they are separately surrounded by enemies.)

Suzaku ending
Rai wakes and sees Suzaku sitting beside his bed, telling him he's safe in Avalon. Suzaku says when he rushed to the scene after hearing the gunshot, he saw him in a pool of blood. Zero and Gawain already disappeared. He asks Rai who shot him? Rai plays dumb and says he don't know. Suzaku doesn't question further, probably because Euphie also has memory loss of that period of time.
The SAZ established successfully. Rai and Suzaku become the Twin White Knights of SAZ.

If you're not trying with all your might to get to Lloyd's ending, you'll automatically get this ending.

Lloyd ending
Rai wakes and sees Lloyd sitting beside his bed, telling him he's safe in Avalon. The next part is about the same with Suzaku's. Then Lloyd says it'll be harder for them to get data in actual combact once SAZ is successful. Rai says isn't that nice, the Special Dispatch can have a vacation.
Lloyd: Congratulations! There are many areas beside Area 11, if we can't get what we want here, we'll find somewhere else. You're coming with us, right? Both you and Suzaku don't have any family so you can pack 'n' go anytime.
Rai is delighted to be invited. And he jokingly says...
Rai: It's alright with me. But Suzaku is Japanese. Isn't it a bit cruel to take him away from his homeland? Why don't you let him go?

(Geass activates!)
Lloyd (geassed): You're right. I'll dismiss Suzaku. I'll go to the ceremony and tell him right away!
Lloyd leaves, leaving Rai puzzled in the room. Rai soon figured out that his geass, which already lost control before, was only temporarily stable after his hibernation. After his repeated use, it lost control again. If he stays, he might hurt the ones he care about, just like what he did to his mother and sister. Therefore...

Lloyd, Cecil, and Suzaku return to Avalon. Cecil asks why Lloyd suddenly wants to fire Suzaku. Lloyd is confused, saying he doesn't even remember saying so. Suzaku doesn't mind and is only concerned about Rai. Lloyd says Rai's safely tucked in bed, unable to move because of the severe wound. They open the door, only to find the room empty.
Records show that Lancelot Club already launched from Avalon, without authorization. Suzaku offers to go and find Rai, but Lloyd stops him.
Lloyd: No. I will go find him, no matter how long it takes.

Then it's a small monologue with Lancelot Club soaring in the sky.
Rai: Everyone in Special Dispatch, because you are important to me, I must leave you. I'm looking for a place for my eternal sleep. Farewell.
Lloyd: I thought so. You disapeared because of that power of yours. Do whatever you like, but I will not give up on you. Because you are my best devicer. And you took my Lancelot Club. I'm so going to get you back! Hahahahahaha!
Rai: Hahaha. I knew you'd say so, Lloyd-san.

This ending is probably the hardest to get in the whole Lost Colors game. The most important thing is to get Suzaku off your tail.
Before entering this chapter, you have to talk to Suzaku, but you can be cold to him:
Choose △ひとりで大丈夫だ (I can find the way myself.) when he offers to escort you to Ashford from the shopping mall.
Choose X悪いが先に帰るよ (Sorry. I'm going home.) when he wants to join you in the library.
Choose X信用できない (I don't trust them.) in campus.
After you're successfully in Britannia Chapter, totally avoid Suzaku. Talking with him will highly risk you in getting Suzaku ending.

As for getting in good terms with Lloyd, it starts in the first few days.
About blood check results, choose △ふざけないでください (Please don't tease me.)
In the next question, choose △どういう意味ですか?(What does that mean?)
When Lloyd smiles while blushing, choose △ひねくれてますね (You're crooked.) instead of calling him childlike.
In Special Dispatch route, when Cecil asks「ブリタニアとのやり方の違いは?」(Is the Black Knight's way of doing things differ from that of Britannia?), answer「X ない」(No).
These are the only chances which you can boost his liking towards you. Don't miss them! ;)
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