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R2 SE2 & OP2 Single Information

This coverart is classic! :D

Sound Episode R2 Disc 2
Release date: 2008.8.6
Price: ¥1,995

Track 1- Character song: Arabesque 「アラベスク」/ Rolo [VA: Takahiro Mizushima]

Track 2- Village of Kururugi, Hotel of Evil Spirits, Geass That's Really Really Scary 「枢木 の 里・悪霊 の 宿・本当に あった 怖い ギアス」
The Kururugi Shrine is a place full of memories where Suzaku, Lelouch, and Nunnally spent a summer in. But there's a reason why Suzaku, even if he's a KoR now, can not return there no matter what. It's a reason a Code Geass fan wouldn't expect. After hearing this, Lelouch, C.C, Rolo, and even Gino and Anya of the KoR, head for Kururugi Shrine. What will happen to them? I can't tell you here.   

Track 3- Naked Lelouch「裸 の ルルーシュ」
Milly, the unmatched party and festival lover, done it again! What? Lelouch, Rolo, Suzaku, Rivlaz, and even Gino? Alriiiiight! Let the men's naked festival begin! What is going on?

Track 4- Arabesque 「アラベスク」[instrumental]

Rolo's song! *dances*
Looks like the 2nd track will be a nice ghost story. The coverart fits the atomsphere so well. :D
Aww... I want this now! >w<

FLOW- WORLD END information.
Release date: 2008.8.13
Price: ¥1,223
Limited First Edition, the 7 extras are:
①「FLOW」clear & ink version CD jacket
② Code Geass CD jacket sticker, illustration by Takahiro Kimura.
③ 24-page booklet of Code Geass opening sketches and background settings.
④ "Lelouch's Activity Log" plate sticker
⑤ "Chibi FLOW" sticker.
⑥ "Chibi Geass" sticker. (3 types in total, 1 per CD randomly.)
⑦ Sweepstakes entry form for A) Flow Color Scheme Lancelot & Guren Set; or B) Normal Color Lancelot & Guren Set.

(※When the limited first edition is sold out, the normal edition will be shipped.)

Listen to a 30-second sample of this song here.
It is surprisingly lighthearted.

The full version was broadcasted on radio. Here's the lyrics 2ch people wrote down by listening. Note that no official lyrics is out yet and there could be errors in this version.



奪われたのは何だ 変わらない世界で
聞こえてきたのは何だ 祝祭の歌

Everything ( )




勝ち取ったものは何だ 争いの果てに
聞こえてきたのは何だ 悲しき叫び

Everything ( )



誰も泣かせないで (     )

Everything ( )


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