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Summaries of Turn 10 to 14 & More

Episode summaries & background settings from this month's magazines. Updated on July 4th.

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A. Episode summary of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
B. Other settings: new mech info, new character info, geass and world setting, magazine spreads & special, new song info

Episode summaries.
The summaries tend to be similar, so I'll translate the most detailed ones and leave out the repeated.

Turn 10- When the Shen-Hu Shines「神虎 輝く 刻」 , June 15th
30 sec extended preview

From Newtype
Chinese Federation is finally turned into a battlefield. To win the battle, the leaders of the federation, "The Great Eunuchs", ordered the sortie of the cursed KMF that deprives the pilot's life, the "Shen-Hu" (Godly Tiger).

From The Television Weekly
Tianzi's loyal subject, Xingke, pursues Zero. With Karen held captive, Zero is forced to make decision on whether to forsake her or not.
Zero, who has chosen to rescue Kallen, is now in a fierce tactful battle with Xingke.

From Animedia
While Zero is busy in China, there is "another Lelouch" in Ashford Academy. Shirley can't help but wonder why he is being so kind to school girls.
Keywords from newsletter
Hey, Zero, hasn't my official position been decided yet?「なぁ、ゼロ、俺の役職ってまだ決まらないのかよ」 -by Tamaki

Turn 11- The Power of Will「想い の 力」 (or The Power of Love), June 22nd
30 sec extended preview

From Animedia
Zero and the Order of the Black Knights has seized Tianzi, the figurehead of Chinese Federation. However, because Xingke's combat ability is far above their expectation, and because of Britannia's participation, Zero and the OotBK are besieged at the Eighty-Eight Emperors' Mausoleums.
Isolated and helpless, The OotBK is gradually driven into a corner. In addition, the Great Eunuchs are planning to eliminate Xingke for his coup d'etat, along with Tianzi. Zero challenges this adversity with a secret plan.

From CompAce
Zero and the Order of the Black Knights are surrounded and driven into a corner. In this overwhelmingly disadvantage, because of Zero's strategies, the tides of war reverses in no time. What will the outcome of the battle with the Chinese Federation Army be?

Keywords from newsletter
Nii-san, aren't you getting a little elated? 「兄さん、少し調子に乗りすぎではないですか?」 -by Rolo, to Sayoko

Turn 12- Love Attack! 「ラブ アタック!」, June 29th
30 sec extended preview

From Animedia
Lelouch has returned to Ashford Academy from Chinese Federation, and is astonished at the unexpected stir caused by Sayoko, whom he entrusted to take care of things during his absence.
At the same time, Milly, who stayed back for a year, has finally decided to graduate. She declares to hold "Cupid's Day" as the commemoration event. Using kaichou's authority, here begins a heated battle for the right to become a couple compulsively.

From CompAce
Thanks to what his kagemusha, Sayoko, has done, Lelouch will have a very busy day. At the same time, Millay announced a new festival, resulting in a great stir in the academy.

From Animedia DVD
In the section about the princesses, it says Turn12 will be a "roll call". I guess other than seeing the madness in Ashford, some new characters will be introduced. :D

From MBS TV schedule
The cast for Turn 12 are: Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch), Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku), Takahiro Mizushima (Rolo), Ami Koshimizu (Kallen), Sōichirō Hoshi (Gino), Yūko Gotō (Anya), Sayaka Ohara (Millay), Fumiko Orikasa (Shirley), Noriaki Sugiyama (Rivalz), Akeno Watanabe (Villetta), etc.

Keywords from newsletter
This is such a tight schedule for nii-san, who has no physical strength.「体力がない兄さんに、こんなハードスケジュールを……」 -by Rolo

Turn 13- Assassin From The Past「過去 からの 刺客」, July 6th
30 sec extended preview
30sec preview of Turn 13, translation:
I must liberate Japan.
And I must plan the date route with Shirley at the same time.
I have 18 patterns in mind for the route.
I've also planned gaps where I can response to urgent communication from C.C. and Kaguya.
Arrangement for preparations for Kallen's rescue is also possible.
The only thing is I don't know what Shirley likes.
Is there someone I can ask?
In addition, I feel like I made a wrong choice somewhere.

From Newtype
Margrave Jeremiah, who was defeated by Lelouch a year ago, was reported missing. Now, being brought back by the mysterious boy V.V., Jeremiah approaches the academy. What would his purpose be?!

From Animedia
Brought back, and given new powers by V.V., Earl Jeremiah Gottwald appears in Tokyo Settlement, and approaches Ashford Academy.
Facing the most powerful assassin, what will Lelouch and Rolo do?

From CompAce
Jeremiah shows up as an assassin from the Cult. Because of Jeremiah's Geass, Shirley is suspicious of everyone including Lelouch, and calls Suzaku out.

From Television Weekly
Because Jeremiah undid the memory operation, Shirley now remembers Lelouch is Zero. Feeling that everything around her is not trustworthy, she asks Suzaku out for advice. But Lelouch bumps into them at their meeting point downtown.

Keywords from newsletter
Even for an altered human, when attacking the living parts uncovered...「たとえ改造人間でも、剥き出しの生体部分なら!」 -by Soyoko, to Jeremiah

Translation notes:
1. The word 復活 (fukkatsu), which literally means "revive", is used on describing Jeremiah. However, I don't believe it really means he's brought back from the dead. The word "fukkatsu" has been overused in any occasions that involve "getting out of a fix".
For example, the scene of Lelouch's awakening in Turn 1 has been described as "the Revival of Zero" while he wasn't literally risen from the dead.
2. Newtype calls him "Margrave" (Jeremiah's old title) while Animage & Animedia calls him "Earl". I guess he got a promotion.

Turn 14- Geass Hunt「ギアス 狩り」, July 13th
From CompAce
Upon identifying the location of the Cult, Zero leads the Black Knights to carry out the annihilation operation. Just as he successfully forced the leader, V.V., into a corner, the demonic mech Siegfried appears.

From TV Station
To avenge the death of an important person who died because of geass, Lelouch determines to annihilate the Geass Cult.
With the information from Rolo and Jeremiah, he found out the Cult's headquarter in Chinese Federation and rushes in with the Black Knights.
The person waiting inside is the young leader of the Cult, who is also immortal like C.C., and is the elder brother of the Emperor of Britannia, V.V.

From TV Pia
Shirley, whose fate was twisted by Geass, died for Geass.
To avenge her death, Lelouch determines to the annihilate the Geass Cult.
With the information from Rolo and Jeremiah, he found out the Cult's headquarter and rushes into it.

Keywords from newsletter
That's what I think. Isn't brotherhood the most beautiful relationship in this world?「僕は思うんだ。兄弟って、この世界でもっとも美しい関係なんじゃないかって」 -by V.V., to Cornelia
Note: the "I" in this line is "boku".
The ones who use "boku" are: Rolo, V.V., Suzaku, and Lloyd.
The ones who use "ore" are: Lelouch, Asahina, Ougi, Tamaki, Minami, and Rivalz.
The ones who use "watashi" are: Zero, Toudou, Diethard, Xingke, Schenizel, Guilford, and Orange. Gino use both ore & watashi.

Turn 15- The World Of C 「C の 世界」, July 20th
There is no summary for this episode yet.

Keywords from newsletter
I undertake the decision/destiny/law. 「さだめは、僕が引き受けるよ」
(Again, the "I" here is "boku". Candidates: Rolo, Suzaku, V.V., and Lloyd.)

New Information on Mech

1. Shinkirou (蜃気楼, which means "Mirage")
- Lelouch's new KMF, developed by Rakshata using technologies in Gawain.
- Fortress class defense.
- Can transform into submarine form. This is mentioned in text, no pic given. I don't see a reliable source for the lineart for its submarine form, hence it may (or may not) be fake.
- Gold and black, which seems to be Lelouch's taste.
- Single person cockpit.
- Controlled by keyboard.
- Scattering Structure Phase Transfer Cannon (拡散構造相転移砲)
Gawain is there as a comparision. The text reads:
The most powerful and largest KMF in previous season is now quietly sleeping under the sea.
Sleep well, Gawain, you'll always be in our hearts. :'(

2. Ikaruga (イカルガ)
The OotBK's new aircraft, developed by Rakshata using technologies in Gawain.
(The sketch in the right.)

3. Shen Hu (神虎, which means "Godly Tiger", pronunced as シェンフー)
- Slash Harken at its hands.
- It's cannon has a splandid name like something you'd see in a Hong Kong action cinema- 天愕覇王重粒子砲, which means "Heaven Astonishing Overlord's Baryon Cannon".
- The face resembles the face paint designs in Beijing opera.

4. Rolo's Vincent
The pic below shows Rolo's pilot suit (that's the OotBK mark on his shoulder) and Rolo's mech. He robbed this Vincent from Britannia and joined the Black Knights with it. When using his geass, it's very powerful in battle. On its back is the X-shaped wings developed by Rakshata. Lower block: The prototype for a mass production model based on Lancelot. It can make various actions with the spinnier on its shoulder. The "Needle Blazer" (ニードルブレイザー) in his elbow is powerful in close combat.
The color of Rolo's pilot suit isn't given. The pic of him in black is a really nicely edited fake scan.

5. Ward (ウォード, maybe "Woad"? No official spelling given yet.)
The mass-production module of Vincent. (Vincent is the prototype for mass producting Lancelot.)

New Information on Characters

1. Young Xingke & Tianzi
For first pic:
Upper left: Xingke, when he's a servent 7 years ago. The encounter with Tianzi made him determined to enroll in military school.
Upper center & lower right: Xingke in pilotsuit.
Lower left and lower center: Xingke & Tianzi. "A promise from 6 years ago."

2. Young Marianne & Charles
Here's the most astonishing news this month: Marianne!!
The lady in the left is not Anya. It's Marianne when she's only 17 years old. The one in right shows Marianne the Flash, when she's serving as a knight 21 years ago. She later became the 5th Royal Consort. She was assassinated 8 years ago. The criminal is still unknown up to now.
The other young knight is Charles di Britannia, 21 years ago.
(The rest is about calling V.V. "niisan" and he's got the Sword of Akasha. Nothing new.)

About Charles & V.V., the character relationship chart on official site reveled they are twin brothers.

3. The new princesses, Guinevere & Karine.
- First Princess Guinevere (ギネヴィア). She gives a grown-up feeling, even more than Cornelia. There's a tatoo on her left chest. She seems to be plotting something with the 1st Prince Odyssus U Britannia and gang. She's very extravagant and loves making splandid buildings. And these large chunks of junk can be left to descendents for all she cares. She also judges a person by his status/background.
- Fifth Princess Karine Le Britannia (カリーヌ.レ.ブリタニア. Her middle name is given in the R2 novel. No official English name yet.) She is at the same age as Nunnally. But she is cruel since childhood. She loves war and violence, and despises the peace-lover Nunnally.
- The 3rd pic below shows Odyssus in formal clothes.
Who says Lelouch, Clovis, and Cornelia has bad taste? The wacko fashion sense runs in the bloodline. Now we should appreciate them more 'cause there's worse. :D

4. Knight of Rounds. Full name for the KOR: Knight of One = Bismarck Waldstein, Knight of Ten = Luciano Brandli, Knight of Twelve = Monica Kruszewski. No other info.

5. Other new designs
Kallen's party dress, Shirley's casual wear that makes her look like an office lady, Shirley's pajamas, Shirley's sailor suit back in Turn5, and young Marianne.
V.V., who didn't change over the years, young Charles, 1st Princess, and young Marianne.

New phrase, places, and other stuff

1. The Cult (嚮団 or 教団)
From PASH!
The root of Geass, "the cult", seems to have its headquarter in Chinese Federation. Is this Lelouch's true intention in going to China? The Cult is where the Geass users came from, and they keep track of them. Maybe in there Lelouch can find clues about how to defeat people with Geass ability, Emperor and V.V.? Concerning the secret of the Geass, Lelouch, Rolo, the Emperor, V.V., and C.C. seems to come closer together. Is it time to reveal the greatest secret of this series, Geass? In the mean time, with Nunnally in between, the relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku seems about to change?
Translation notes: This paragraph used "it seems" or "maybe" or question mark in almost every sentence. But there's one thing for sure- the headquarter is in China.

From Animage
To suppress the Cult, C.C. searches within the realms of Chinese Federation. Animage also has a sketch of the Cult's underground headquarters, but I don't have a pic at hand.

This term was mentioned for the first time in Turn 3 at about 11:22. When Villetta was talking to Rolo, "I'm not familar with the geass. The Cult is..." and an unlucky fellow stepped in at the wrong time. The closed caption of Turn 3 gave "教団", while PASH! and Animedia gave "嚮団". These are different kanji with the same pronunciation. Because the rate of typos in Code Geass official material is so high, people take it as another typo and they meant the same thing.

2. Geass user (ギアスの使い手) and people with Geass ability
PASH! used two different phrases for Geass related people:
"ギアスの使い手" means Geass users. This phrase has been used to describe Lelouch, Mao, Charles, and Rolo in previews (Turn3) and summaries (Stage14).
"ギアス能力者" means people with Geass ability. This phrase has been used to describe Lelouch, Mao, and all the Geass users in Nightmare of Nunnally. Now they use it on both Charles and V.V.. So maybe it's for both the Geass user and Geass giver?

3. Horai Island (蓬莱島)
The artificial island that China lent to Zero. Located at the shore of Kouso Province (江蘇省), it's original purpose is for generating electricity. That's the island Diethard was looking at when he was talking to Zero on the phone in Turn 8. You'll see how huge it is when compared to the iceberg. It's triangular, about 20km at each side. There's a port & resident area at each point.
In folklores, Horai Island is a legendary island at the other end of the seas where gods dwelled. It's sometimes used to refer to Japan or Taiwan.
(The sketch in the left.)

4. Eighty-Eight Emperors' Mausoleums (天帝八十八陵)
The magnificent tombs of the late emperors of Chinese Federation.

5. News in the OotBK
New uniform design for different classes: Vice commandor, captain, shougon, and common soldiers.
Rumors about Chiba's unrequited love towards Toudou is floating around! Asahina and even Tamaki are cheering for her. Go! Chiba!

6. Cupid's Day (キュピッドの日)
- Pic 1~2 show the students in chemistry club.
- Pic 3: Cupid's Day. Kaichou will use her privilage to (forcefully) make couples. If you grab the Cupid's Hat on someone else's head, you two become lovers under kaichou's command.
- Pic 4: A new club in Ashford- the dazzling club. Their sexyness bring Lelouch and Shirley confusion?!

Magazine covers and spreads

1. Newtype cover, spread, postcards, and short novel.
The card with Rolo is the cover art of the novel (Turn 1). The card with lemons is because it's a coverart for The Television Weekly, and everyone must hold a lemon when taking the photo for its cover. Taking a bite isn't compulsory, though. ;)

In the short novel this month, the first half is Nunnally thinking about Lelouch, wondering if he is doing well, how is his relationship with C.C., and has he made up with Shirley. And she sincerely wish someone, whoever it may be, that cares about Lelouch would stay by his side.
The latter half is Rolo trying to become closer to Lelouch. So he watched the videos about Nunnally in the database. And then he tries to call Lelouch "Oniisama", in Nunnally's tone even. But Lelouch stared at him. So he thinks "maybe I'm not being close to Nunnally enough" and even tries Nunnally's "Meow~~"
(Note: Sweet as it is, I'm not sure if the short novel is canon.)

2. Animage cover & spread

3. Animedia cover, spread, and special
Animedia also did a yearly anime rating, like what Animage did last month. The result is similar too: Code Geass = #1 anime, #1 male cast (Lelouch), and #1 female cast (C.C.)
The theme of the interview with Taniguchi this month is "bonds".
Bond with C.C., bond with Nunnally, bond with Suzaku: nothing new.
Bond with Shirley: Their friendship bond seems to be changing? She will have her chance to shine after Turn 11!
Bond with Kallen: According to the director, she is a essential character. She will be captured by Suzaku in the China Arc. Check it out.
Bond with Schenizel: Nothing. Only Schenizel saying "what about me?"
BTW Animedia gets hyped up about couples a lot. Plz take anything regarding "relationship" from them with a grain of salt. ;)

4. PASH! cover, poster, and special
This month's theme in PASH! is "promise".
Lelouch's promise to Nunnally: A gentler world.
Lelouch's promise to Rolo: A place to stay.
Lelouch's promise to C.C.: Contract.
Lelouch's promise to Suzaku: Responsibility to the Japanese.
Suzaku's promise to Euphie: A world without differences.
Xingke's promise to Tianzi: Take her to the world outside. (They have a close-up on 7-year-old loli Tianzi! Cute!)

New Songs and CDs

1. 2nd Opening song is World End, by Flow. This single will be released on 8/13.

2. 2nd Ending song is Waga Routashi Aku no Hana「わが臈たし悪の華」(meaning "My Beautifully Elegant Flower of Evil"), by Ali Project. This single will be released on 7/30.

3. Code Geass R2 Sound Episode Vol.1 will be released on 7/2.
In Yukana's Blog she wrote about recording C.C.'s character song last week. But she didn't give any leaks except for it's composed by Hitomi Kuroishi, as expected.
For contents of this CD, please check here.

4. The 1st ending song, Shiawase Neiro, will not get its own single. It'll be in Orange Range's new album, Panic Fancy, which will be released on 7/9.

5. Code Geass R2 Sound Episode Vol.2 will be released on 8/6. Details here.

6. There's another Geass-related CD on 8/13. Hitomi -Kuroishi Hitomi Compilation-(Hitomi-黒石ひとみコンピレーション-). Hitomi Kuroishi is the talented songwriter, composer, and singer who brought us the beautiful insert songs of Code Geass (Masquerade, Stories, Innocent Days, Alone, and all girls' character songs in SE), Gun X Sword, PlanetES, and other anime. This is her first album. After all these years, finally we can hear all her songs in one collection.

7. Still no news on original soundtrack yet.
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