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Summaries of Turn 9 to 11 (The China Arc) & CD drama

Change of schedule and summary of Turn 9-11, from this month's Newtype, Animedia, CompAce, Kerokero Ace, and TV guides.

Urgent Navi- Showdown in Akihabara! Code Geass Festival!, June 1st
Announced on official site: http://www.mbs.jp/geass/
It's a video game showdown in a unique shop (huh?) and an introduction to Code Geass by famous people, including an idol (Miyake Hitomi) who will make an one-episode only guest appearance as an unimportant purple hair school girl in Code Geass.
This is the character she's playing. She seems to be quite excited about it, since she put a pic of this girl in the banner of her blog.

Thanks to Miyake Hitomi being an idol who's trying to voice an anime character for the first time, we get to see some photos of the recording room from several entertainment news sites... Along with a peek on screenshot of Turn12. ;)

Turn 9- The Bride of The Vermilion Forbidden City「朱禁城 の 花嫁」, June 8th
From Newtype:
Chinese Federation, the super power in Asia. To become allies with this country would be a leading step towards world strategy. In a feast that celebrates the friendship between Britannia and Chinese Federation, Lelouch daringly enters with only a small number of guards.
*note: The Vermilion Forbidden City is where Tianzi (the Empress) lives. She's supposed to stay in this palace for her whole life.

From Animedia:
Now the EU has been weakened by Britannia, having control over the remaining superpower is a big step towards overthrowing Britannia.
In Vermilion Forbidden City, plot, scheme, and speculations are beneath the surface in the seemingly peaceful feast. Zero appears in the middle of the feast.

Sneak preview for Turn 9+10
30-sec extended preview

Turn 10- When the Shen-Hu Shines「神虎 輝く 刻」 , June 15th
30-sec extended preview

From Newtype:
Chinese Federation is finally turned into a battlefield. To win the battle, the leaders of the federation, "The Great Eunuchs", ordered the sortie of the cursed KMF that deprives the pilot's life, the "Shen-Hu" (Godly Tiger).

From Animedia:
People in China are sufferint from poverty. 蒼天 (heaven, implying the authority of the Emperor/Empress) is as good as dead, and the situation in China is a mess. And so is the situation of war. Friends and fooes are tangled inside. In attempt to make a breakthrough, the KMF that has taken down many test pilots, Shen-Hu, appears and bares its fangs. Who would be its pray?
(蒼天將死!And the capital of China is in 洛陽!!Romance of the Three Kingdoms, anyone? ;) It's so obvious Xingke want to wipeout the eunuchs and give power back to Tianzi.)

30-sec extended preview

Turn 11- The Power of Will「想い の 力」 (or The Power of Love/ Thoughts/ Love/ Affection/ Imagination/ Desire/ Intention), June 22nd
From CompAce, July issue.
Zero and the Order of the Black Knights are surrounded and driven into a corner.
In this overwhelmingly disadvantage, because of Zero's strategies, the tides of war reverses in no time.
What will the outcome of the battle with the Chinese Federation Army be?
周囲を囲まれ、追い詰められるゼロと黒の騎士団。 圧倒的に不利な状況だったが、ゼロの戦略により瞬く間に戦局は一変する。 果たして中華連邦軍との戦いの行方は。

From TV Fan
The Order kidnapped the figurehead of the Chinese Federation, Tenshi. And because Britannia is also participating in the war, the Order is forced to barricading.

30-sec extended preview


Turn 12- Love Attack! 「ラブ アタック!」, June 29th
From TV Fan. Only title and no summary.

General stuff.
From Newtype:
A certain event becomes an opportunity for the important people to meet in Chinese federation,including Lelouch, Suzaku accompanying Schenizel, Xingke, Gino, Anya, Lloyd, and others. Among them, Schneizel is a powerful enemy who will become his biggest hinderance. Can Lelouch take down Schenizel?

The key words of each episode, from the official newsletter:
TURN 2- Japanese people, I have returned!「日本人よ、私は還って来た!」 -by Lelouch
TURN 3- Become a chesspiece for finding Nunnally.「ナナリーを探すための駒になってもらう」 -by Lelouch
TURN 4- Rolo, you're correct. 「ロロ、お前は正しい」 -by Lelouch
TURN 5- You really like cats. 「お前はホントに、猫が好きなんだなぁ」 -by Lelouch
TURN 6- Actually, today I've come to say good-bye. 「実は今日、お別れを言いにきましたの」 -by Kaguya, to Tianzi
TURN 7- The one who was wrong... isn't Euphie. 「間違っていたのは、ユフィじゃない」 -by Suzaku
TURN 8- When winning all the time, what waits ahead is a defeat.「勝ちすぎるとその先には敗北が待っているから」 -by Schenizel
TURN 9- That man tries to make "the symbol of Zero" a god.「あの男はゼロという記号を神にしようとしている」 -by Lelouch, talking about Diethard
TURN 10- Hey, Zero, hasn't my official position been decided yet?「なぁ、ゼロ、俺の役職ってまだ決まらないのかよ」 -by Tamaki
TURN 11- Nii-san, aren't you getting a little elated? 「兄さん、少し調子に乗りすぎではないですか?」 -by Rolo, to Sayoko
TURN 12- This is such a tight schedule for nii-san, who has no physical strength. 「体力がない兄さんに、こんなハードスケジュールを……」 -by Rolo
TURN 13- Even for an altered human, when attacking the living parts uncovered...「たとえ改造人間でも、剥き出しの生体部分なら!」 -by Sayoko, to Jeremiah
TURN 14- That's what I think. Isn't brotherhood the most beautiful relationship in this world?「僕は思うんだ。兄弟って、この世界でもっとも美しい関係なんじゃないかって」 -by V.V., to Cornelia

Code Geass R2 Sound Episode Vol.1 ,July 02. (BTW There are 6 Sound Episodes planned in total.)
Cover art:

Track 1- Character song: CONNECT / C.C. (Yukana)

Track 2- Imaginary Battle! Lelouch VS Suzaku! 「妄想バトル!ルルーシュVSスザク」
Shirley can't stop her nosebleeding when her imagination runs wild again! Is it really okay to put this kind of content in the CD drama?

Track 3- Kallen and C.C., Record of Gorgeous Rebellion. 「カレン・CC 美しき反逆の記録」
These two are carrying out missions based on UUrabe's information. Saving Elevens who are forced labor in a secret factory, releasing captives, and blowing up a substation. The key word of an important strategy as a black knight is how to eat the fried egg?! The other side of the leading females of Code Geass you've never seen before.

Track 4- CONNECT (Instrumental)

Cast: Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch), Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku), Yukana (C.C.), Ami Koshimizu (Kallen), Kaori Nazuka (Nunnally), Sayaka Ohara (young Lelouch or Milly), Akeno Watanabe (young Suzaku or Villetta), Junko Minagawa (Cornelia), Kikuko Inoue (Cecil or Inoue), Yūko Gotō (Anya), Masayo Kurata (Rakshata), Mika Kanai (Kaguya), others.
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