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Summaries of Turn 6 to 10

Summary of Turn 6-10, from this month's Newtype, Animedia, CompAce, Kerokero Ace, and TV guides.
Turn 6- Surprise Attack in the Pacific Ocean 「太平洋 奇襲 作戦」, May 11th
From CompAce:
To seize the new governor-general of Area 11, the Order of the Black Knights performed a surprise attack. The Britannian Air Force Escort Fleet is totally beaten because of their underestimating the OotBK. Just as a complete victory is at hand, the OotBK is ambushed by a troop of knightmares in air. What will happen to Zero in this chaos?

Avalon escorts Nunnally to Area 11. The general with her is アプソン将軍 (General Apson?).
That stern lady is her instructor, Ms. Lohmeyer, who is assisting her in her duties and keeping a close eye on her under the Emperor's orders. She is cold to Nunnally for being kind to Elevens.

Turn 7- The Discarded Mask 「棄てられた 仮面」, May 18th
From CompAce:
Losing the meaning to fight anymore, Lelouch discards the mask and wonders in the streets. Is he going to give up being Zero?
Deep in the night in the Ashford Academy when no one is around, what will Lelouch see?
At the same time, Suzaku is pressing upon the OotBK who's stationed in Tokyo Bay. Is this the end to Zero and the Order?

From TV guide:
After wondering in the streets, Lelouch sees something in Ashford Academy. (Turn 7)

From Animedia:
In the "love stories" section they say Kallen have a "きわどい" (dangerous?) scene in Turn 7... whatever that means.

Turn 8- Miracle of a Million 「百万 の キセキ」, May 25th
From Kerokero Ace:
The new governor-general declares the establishment of "Special Administrative Region Japan".
This name has became a synonym to the massacre of Princess Euphiemia.
What is the real intention behind this declaration which brings up the nightmare again?

From NewType:
Governor Nunnally establishes SAR again, trying to stifle the rebellion by permitting the Japanese partial independence. As a return for helping the SAR, Lelouch proposes a surprising demand.

From Animedia:
The new governor suddenly declared the SAR. For "Elevens", it's an unforgettable grudge towards Briatnnia. More and more people are questioning why she's doing this? And will the bloody slaughter princess incident happen again? At this time, Zero suddenly appeared in front of Suzaku and offered an astonishing deal.

30 second version preview for Turn8. Compared to the 15s preview shown on TV, this gives away pretty much on how Lelouch feels towards the SAR. (The lines added in this version are underlined.)

Maybe you are indeed laughing. Maybe you're happy.
But that's not the truth.

The only one who knows the tragedy hidden under the shadow of your smile is me.
If only one person knows the truth, and has the power to save this…
Yes. What I must fight against is the domination in the name of peace.
In the system that looks down upon, sneers at, and toys with us.
In the name of Zero.


Turn 9- The Bride of The Vermilion Forbidden City「朱禁城 の 花嫁」 , June 8th
From Newtype:
Chinese Federation, the super power in Asia. To become allies with this country would be a leading step towards world strategy. In a feast that celebrates the friendship between Britannia and Chinese Federation, Lelouch daringly enters with only a small number of guards.
*note: Vermilion City is where Tianzi (Empress) lives. She's supposed to stay in this palace for her whole life.

From Animedia:
Now the EU has been weakened by Britannia, having control over the remaining superpower is a big step towards overthrowing Britannia.
In Vermilion Forbidden City, plot, scheme, and speculations are beneath the surface in the seemingly peaceful feast. Zero appears in the middle of the feast.

Turn 10- When the Shen-Hu Shines「神虎 輝く 刻」 , June 15th
From Newtype:
Chinese Federation is finally turned into a battlefield. To win the battle, the leaders of the federation, "The Great Eunuchs", ordered the sortie of the cursed KMF that deprives the pilot's life, the "Shen-Hu" (Godly Tiger).

Shen-Hu is Xingke's KMF. Has specially designed slash harken and shield.

From Animedia:
People in China are sufferint from poverty. 蒼天 (heaven, implying the authority of the Emperor/Empress) is as good as dead, and the situation in China is a mess. And so is the situation of war. Friends and fooes are tangled inside. In attempt to make a breakthrough, the KMF that has taken down many test pilots, Shen-Hu, appears and bares its fangs. Who would be its pray?
(蒼天將死! And the capital of China is in 洛陽!! Romance of the Three Kingdoms, anyone? ;) It's so obvious Xingke want to wipeout the eunuchs and give power back to Tianzi.)

General stuff.
From Newtype:
A certain event becomes an opportunity for the important people to meet in Chinese federation,including Lelouch, Suzaku accompanying Schenizel, Xingke, Gino, Anya, Lloyd, and others. Among them, Schenizel is a powerful enemy who will become his biggest hinderance. Can Lelouch take down Schenizel?

The key words of each episode, from the official newsletter:
TURN 2- Japanese people, I have returned!「日本人よ、私は還って来た!」
TURN 3- Become a chesspiece for finding Nunnally.「ナナリーを探すための駒になってもらう」
TURN 4- Rolo, you're correct. 「ロロ、お前は正しい」
TURN 5- You really like cats. 「お前はホントに、猫が好きなんだなぁ」
TURN 6- Actually, today I've come to say good-bye. 「実は今日、お別れを言いにきましたの」
TURN 7- The one who was wrong... isn't Euphie. 「間違っていたのは、ユフィじゃない」
TURN 8- When winning all the time, what waits ahead is a defeat.「勝ちすぎるとその先には敗北が待っているから」
TURN 9- That man tries to make "the symbol of Zero" a god.「あの男はゼロという記号を神にしようとしている」
TURN 10- Hey, Zero, hasn't my official position been decided yet?「なぁ、ゼロ、俺の役職ってまだ決まらないのかよ」

That's all the information for the future episodes now.
And no, we're not getting insanely detailed spoilers like what happened in Turn 5. There were so many spoilers on Turn 5 because the whole storyboard was stolen and sold on an auction site. That's not something to expect for every episode.
The regular "Mr Spoilers" (FO and FY) who gave spoilers in last season are no longer visiting 2ch. Therefore, before they decide to come back to us, the only spoilers we can see on a regular basis are from magazines. Other gossip on 2ch are speculation or rumors made by nerds who need to get a life. ;p

Other tidbits.
This month's megazine spreads: (left to right) Animage, Newtype, and Animedia.

Kimutaka (nickname for Takahiro Kimura) drew this for celebrating Code Geass's triumph in Animage's 2007 AnimePrix.

#1 male character = Lelouch
#1 female character = C.C.
#1 VA = Fukuyama
#1 favorite anime episode = Code Geass Ep25

The rest of the list of favorite episodes: (Note: this is for episodes aired after Dec 2006, therefore Ep1-8 are not included.)
#1 Code Geass Ep25
#2 Gundam 00 Ep1
#3 Code Geass Ep23
#4 Code Geass Ep22
#5 Gundam 00 Ep7
#16 Code Geass Ep15
#27 Code Geass Ep11
#41 Code Geass Ep9
#43 Code Geass Ep18
#48 Code Geass Ep14
#50 Code Geass Ep16
#62 Code Geass Ep24
#82 Code Geass Ep19
#82 Code Geass Ep20
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