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Other Code Geass R2 spoilers

C.C.'s monologue at the end of Ep25. (Background music is Innocent Days.)
Human... Mankind... are beings that seek happiness.
What the Britannia boy, Lelouch, seeks, is also just a small happiness. It's nothing special.
At least the driving source of his action is a little wish, not different from others.
Who can, and who has the right to deny such a dream, a promise like this?
But anyone, whether he intend to or not, will be bounded from interaction with others and connection with the world.
Therefore have his fate determined.
If that's the case, human will is but a mirage compared to the trend of the world.
Sin and punishment. Fate and judgement.
Is the obstacle in front of Lelouch a strikeback of the past he created?
Is it the hatred only human can produce?
Even so, one should be grateful.
Yes. Grateful for humans are beings that seek happiness.
(C.C. smiles.)
For it is from despair that a ray of hope, a faint wish is born.

The mysterious lines at the end of Ep25. (Watch the preview here if you wish to refresh your memory. the color of text below matches those in the preview.) People has been guessing for months on who said these lines.
.Zero, foolish man. No matter how you struggle and resist, the world will not change anyway.
 -- By Lelouch, monologue on the way to Tower of Babel. (Turn 1)
.Let me tell you one thing. In the world of grown-ups, doing the right thing doesn't worth a cent.
 -- By The Black King, before he tries to kill Lelouch. (People thought this would be from Schenizel! XD) (Turn 1)
.What is this? Something is happening somewhere I don't know.
 -- By Lelouch, when the Order of the Black Knights raid Tower of Babel. (Turn 1)
.People without power must tolerate, right? Even if justice is on our side.
 -- By Kallen, when cleaning Lelouch's clothes in casino. (Turn 1) It's like a refrain of what Lelouch Lamperouge said to her in the park in Ep9. It's not what Kallen/Lelouch truely believes in, but has to say it under this situation. Does this mean she understands Lelouch better?
.Stop! They are still alive!
 -- By Lelouch, when hearing the wails and screams when the army burns the bodys and kills anyone that's still moving. (Turn 1)
.If being powerless is a sin, does that make power justice?!
 -- By Lelouch, speaking to the army when he regains memory. (Turn 1)
.It's not me who is wrong. It's the world!
 -- By Lelouch, after awakening. (Turn 1)

The lines in the preview in DVD Magazine 1. (Watch the preview here if you wish to refresh your memory.)
.Lelouch! Die with that demon eye of yours!
 -- By Rollo, at the end of Turn 3.
.Isn't that said in the news? The army already surrounded (here/there) completely.
 -- By Rollo, when asking about how Lelouch got out of the tower. (Turn 3)
.It's a contest of unrequited love.
 -- By Rollo, when looking at the album. (Turn 3)
.Rollo is unlike ni-san, he's naive.
 -- By Milley, when baking. (Turn 3)
.Thank goodness. It's the Britannia Army. I'm looking for ni-san...
 -- By Rollo, when looking for Lelouch. (Turn 2)
.Show it to Chinese Federation. Show them the Emperor His Majesty's might and power!
 -- By Carares, when ordering attack on Babel Tower. (Turn 2)
.You're here, huh. You've came, Rollo.
 -- By Lelouch. (Turn 3)
 -- By Rollo. When Lelouch falls. (Turn 1)
.The boy's name is Rollo Lamperouge.
 -- It's simply introducing him instead of being an actual line.

Spoilers on Prop Plus Petit. We get to see the words on the bases of the figurines in those photos taken in the premiere.
1. In Ashford uniform: I'm not the one who's wrong. The world is! --in Turn 1.
2. In casual clothes: (asks someone out) --This line can be interpreted in 2 ways. And it turned out to be "Want me to go with you?" instead of asking her out. This is when asking if Shirley need him to go with her to shop for birthday present for Viletta. (Turn 3)
3. As Zero: Japanese people! I have returned! --in his speech in Turn 2.
1. In Ashford uniform: I'm Kururugi Suzaku. Nice to meet you. --not appeared yet.
2. In knight uniform: Yes, Your Majesty. --at the end of Turn 1
3. In pilot suit: I will not shoot someone who put down his weapon. --when shooting down EU force in Turn 3.
Now to break the seal!
--in Turn 1.
I want to know the truth...
--at the end of Turn 2.
Li Xingke
I'm disappointed, Zero. --when Zero asks for a shield instead of a weapon in his duel in Turn 4.
Well, attend class like you're supposed to! --in Turn 1.

More details on the interaction between Lelouch and Rollo. Just to make this kid more confusing.

Lelouch and Rollo are on the way to Casino. Lelouch passes Rollo a piece of croissant. Rollo takes a bite and the motorcycle skid.
Lelouch: That's dangerous!
Rollo: But it's because ni-san passes me the croissant.
Lelouch: You're right. Sorry. (smiles)

In the parking lot, Lelouch says the illegal gambling is dangerous. So just sending him here is enough, Rollo doesn't have to go with him.
Rollo insists on tagging along.

In the elevator, Lelouch is complaining about his current situation, and shows anxiety.
Rollo is worried by Lelouch's words. That's where his worried face come from in the scene which elevator door opens.

In the colosseum, they see the boxer brothers forced to fight each other.
Rollo feels uneasy and wants to leave. He urges Lelouch to move to the next room.
Lelouch criticizes about Britannia and the situation of Area 11. Rollo shows a rather complex expression (the one in NT trailer after Lelouch moves white queen), and urges Lelouch to leave again.

Lelouch challenges the Black King for chess.
Rollo immediately blurts out, "Ni-san! Don't do it!"

Lelouch won, but the Black King accuses him of cheating.
Rollo and Kallen protest, "there's no way to cheat in chess!"

The locket scene.

In the plaza, Rollo is glad to see the Britannia army. But when the killing spree starts, he's shocked.
Lelouch grabs him and the two flee.

In the warehouse-like place, Lelouch is saying things like, "at least I'll let you get away." Rollo shows a worried and complex expression again.

The soldier fires at them. When Rollo is about to be hit, Lelouch shields him.
Lelouch isn't hit, but is swept off his feet. Rollo reaches out for him but of no use.
Rollo screams "ni-saaaan!!" as Lelouch falls.

The magazine introduction weren't kidding when they say these two are very, very close.
Lelouch basically put Rollo's life above his. The only thing in Lelouch's mind after surviving that fall, is to go back and help Rollo, saying, "I should have the power to protect my brother at least!" while trying his best to climbing up ASAP.
As for Rollo, it's shown so many times that Rollo cares for Lelouch. It's not like an act, since he's doing it when no one is watching.

That's all I can think of for now. :)

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