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Summary of R2 Ep1, Part B.

Summerized from the 9,000 posts in Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Spoiler Thread, Stage1029 to Stage1037, and later edited by listening to the sound file recorded in the premiere.

Sketches in this article are drawn by memory by 2ch folks who went to the premiere. Many thanks to these talented nameless artists for sharing these! :)

Part A

------- eye catch -------

Part B

Near the tower, Governor Carares welcome Gao Hai and Li Xingke.
Carares asks them to be disarmed, saying, "It's for showing respect to Britannia."
When the soldiers try to take Xingke's sword, Xingke quickly draws and sliced the pouches on their belt.
Gao Hai says, "Xingke, don't be impolite." (While snickering.)
Xingke replies, "my appologies. But it's for showing respect to China."
Carares is annoyed.

After a brief cut of Xingke, followed by the swinging locket scene, (like in
0:12 of this trailer), Kallen falls sitting on the floor, puzzled.
When she comes to, Rollo already grabbed Lelouch, and they escape with the crowd.

The captain is conducting the attack on Tower of Babel, when his subordinate asks what to reply to Governor Carares. He tells his subordinate, "let him take care of his local issues himself. We are under direct order from the Emperor."

Sutherlands break into the building. Rollo is very happy to see the Britannia Army.
But a massacre begins immediately. They kill every civilian, regardless of being Britannian or Eleven.
Rollo is astonished.
Zero Burai stands in front of Lelouch and reaches out a hand, but is immediately damaged under Sutherland's attack. (Some summaries mark it's damaged while shielding Lelouch.)
Lelouch and Rollo flee from the plaza.

Kallen meets up with OotBK, and appologizes for failing to retrieve Lelouch.

Urabe says it's okay, now just find him with Guren Nishiki.
Kallen boards Guren Nishiki.

The Lamperouge Bros hide in a warehouse. Lelouch thinks, "is their target me?"
Rollo is worried. Lelouch comforts him, saying they will escape somehow.
Britannian soldier sees them, and fires at Rollo.
Lelouch shields Rollo. He wasn't hit but loses balance, and falls off.
Rollo reaches out for him, but couldn't hold on to him (that hand slipping scene in trailers).
Rollo crys "ni-saaaan!!" as Lelouch falls.

Pizza Hut advertisement on a building. Pizza Hut!

The student council is maintaining the school garden.
Shirley says, "I hope Lulu doesn't get Rollo in trouble."
Millay says, "you're worried about Lulu?"
Shirley denies. Rivalz says, "yeah, here we go again."

Lelouch is saved by the safety net in the middle of the staircase.
He calls Rollo, than starts climbing up by himself.
It's really tough. The building crumbles here and there because it's still under construction, and partly because of the raid. Lelouch says to himself, "I should have the power to protect a little brother at least!

Back up in the plaza, what meet the eye are piles of dead bodies.
Lelouch thinks it's the terriorists' doings, but wonders why Elevens are also killed.
Among the bodies are the boxer brothers, the bunnygirls, and the Black King.
One of the bunnygirls still holds a Zero photo in her hand. Lelouch is surprised and says, "are you still waiting for Zero?"

Zero Burai appears. Lelouch wants to escape. But C.C. calls his name, and tells him she's not his enemy.
C.C. (in her white pilot suit) comes out of the cockpit and reaches out a hand, like the end of Ep15, saying, "I have come for you. I'm the only one who knows the true you."


A soldier shoots her from the back, through her heart.
C.C. falls off Zero Burai, whispering "Lelouch..."
Lelouch holds her in his arms.

The Britannia soldiers starts burning the bodies, shooting every civilian that's still alive, or just burn them altogether in purple flame.
Lelouch shouts, "Stop! They're still alive!" (the line in Ep 25 ending.)

The captain appears and says, "your job is done, Lelouch Lamperouge." He tells Lelouch that he's always being watched. He opens a notebook and starts reading out loud. It's a log of Lelouch's everyday activities: what time he gets up. What time he has breakfast with his brother. Every little detail.
The captain tells Lelouch he is a bait to lure out the witch, C.C.
He refuses to answer Lelouch's question, saying he's a baron and is not interested in chatting with a bait. "It's time for disposal." He points his pistol at Lelouch.

Lelouch asks himself... am I to die here without a reason, unable to do anything? (This is like a refrain of Ep1.)
Lelouch's tone changes. "Don't be rediculous! If only I have power! Power to get out of this! Power that will not lose to the world!"
C.C. kisses him. "Do you long for power? You already have it. It's only confined because you've forgotten. Remember it. Remember the true you! Remember the power of king!"

C.C., "Now to break the seal!"

The contract scenes.
The Emperor. Marianne.
Lelouch: I am... Zero!

Sukazu is pointing his pistol at Lelouch, saying, "Lelouch, I won't ask for forgiveness. We are friends, right?"
Lelouch says, "is that your answer, Suzaku?" while bearly catching his breath.

Geass is back on.(Imagine the scene in Ep1.)

Lelouch speaks in his Zero tone, "Now, before the disposal, answer my question."
"If being powerless is a sin, does that make power justice?" (the line in the preview)
"Is revenge evil? Does friendship equal to justice?"
The baron answers, "It has nothing to do with evil or justice. The only fact left for a bait is death."
"I see. Then the only fact for you is..."
"In the name of Lelouch Vi Britannia, all of you, die!"
All of the soldiers stand in attention, answering together, "Yes, Your Highness!"
The soldiers shoot each other. The captain suicides.

Lelouch: "From that day on, my life is a lie..." (Refrain of Ep1 again)
"Planted with a fake memory and lived like an animal. But now the truth has come back to me."
Lelouch: "Yes. I'm not the one who's wrong. The world is!!" (the line at the end of Ep25.)
Guren Nishiki and Gekka arrive, kneel down in one knee.
Lelouch: "I will change the world! I can change the world!"

Urabe says, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Zero-sama. Please give us orders!"

"Very well."
"I am Zero! The man who takes down the world, and rebulids it!"

The Emperor leaves a dark hall, to meet Gino, Anya, and Suzaku.
Suzaku is on one knee, saying, "Yes, your Majesty. I will not let anyone take this privilege. I will kill Zero!"


-Suzaku kneels before the Emperor. Presenting him "someone".
-Bunny Kallen wearing a black coat. Some say it's Lelouch's Ashford uniform, some say it's the OotBK uniform.
-Vincent in action.
-Zero's speech, declaring his return.

Next: Japanese Independence Plan

Ending Song
Ending song is also by Orange Range. The drawings were done by CLAMP, filled with the meaningless accessories they love- feathers, wings, cuffs & chain, and shell.
Everyone has wings. Some say everyone is cuffed or chained. But I'm not sure.

Characters on Lelouch's side are in black costumes and black wings, with their clothes shredded here and there. Brits & royals (excluding Lelouch) are in white costumes and white wings.
They are shown in this order:
1. Lelouch- Posing as usual. With chains on his left wrist.
2. Nunnally and Rollo- Rollo has one black and one white. Nunnally looks lovely. Rollo is back-to-back with her, looking at her with an uneasy / sorrowful expression.
3. Cornelia and Euphie- Euphie lying in Cornelia's lap. Looks peaceful. Ooh~ and the breasts!
4. Gino and Anya- Look like big bro & lil sis. A cute and peaceful scene.
5. Emperor and V.V.- Emperor standing in the back. V.V. is standing in the front totally naked.
6. Kallen- Much hotter than expected.
7. Suzaku- Looks like he's from Tsubasa Chronicle. Chains on both hands.
8. C.C.- Sitting on a broken shell.
Here are some sketches to give you an idea of how they look.
*warning* V.V. might be NSFW. ;p

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